Representative Randall Patterson Switches to the MS Republican Party

BILOXI, MS – Today, Representative Randall Patterson (District 115) switched to the Republican Party, making the Republican majority in the Mississippi House of Representatives 66 – 56. Representative Patterson is the third representative to switch to the Republican Party since the 2011 elections.

“I am encouraged by the growing number of Republicans in the Mississippi House of Representatives,” said Speaker Philip Gunn.  “I believe that this is in response to the Republican agenda of promoting better jobs, sound budgeting and governing with conservative principles in mind.”

Representative Patterson has served in the Mississippi Legislature since 2004.

“My experience serving the citizens of District 115 has been one of the most rewarding of my life,” said Representative Patterson.  “My decision to switch parties was not made lightly, but one that was made with full confidence in the direction Republican leaders are taking Mississippi.  Most importantly, my decision was made with the best interests of the Coast in mind.”

Speaker Gunn continued that Representative Patterson’s decision reflects a trend of the changing face of politics.

“Over the course of recent years, the politics of this state and nation have changed,” said Speaker Gunn.  “Representatives like Randall Patterson, who are conservative, no longer find comfort with the politics of the Democratic Party.  The Mississippi House Republican Caucus is proud to welcome Representative Patterson as one of our own.”


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