Taxes are necessary to support legitimate functions of government. However, we must adhere to a reasonable and responsible tax structure so that we do not discourage prosperity and economic development.

Jobs/Workforce Development:

We must actively recruit jobs to Mississippi while at the same time develop a qualified and educated workforce. Without this, our state simply will not prosper.


Infrastructure has a direct impact on economic development and our quality of life. If we want to develop more jobs, we have to be able to provide the infrastructure that prospective employers need to make their businesses successful.



This is one of the most critical issues facing our nation right now. Mississippi seems to be poised to be a major player in this arena with our salt domes, oil production and natural gas production.  We must be vigilant to search for ways to develop our energy resources in Mississippi.


2nd Amendment

Every law-abiding Mississippian has the Constitutional right to possess a firearm. It is not the government's business to know how many guns or how much ammo any citizen possesses.

We will fight any attempts that are made to restrict those rights.



I prefer to view spending as investing. For each dollar we invest, we must ask ourselves, "Are we getting a quality return on that investment?" Also, we should spend no more money than we have.



We must work with providers to reduce the costs of healthcare. We must also require the recipients of healthcare services to assume personal responsibility for their health and take care of themselves.




We must ensure that every child has a quality educational opportunity. We do this by demanding a high return on the dollars we invest into our educational system.

Jobs/Workforce Development:

We must actively recruit jobs to Mississippi while at the same time develop a qualified and educated workforce. Without this, our state simply will not prosper.


Family Values


God established the family as His model for raising children. The sanctity of marriage and the preservation of the family unit are the strengths of our society and should be protected at all costs.


I believe that I am a sinful and fallen man. That sin separates me from God. There is nothing that I can do within myself to change that situation. My only hope and the hope of all mankind is salvation through the work of Jesus Christ. God is the source of all truth and all wisdom. I should daily seek to understand His truth and be guided by His wisdom in all that I do.


Role of Government

In Matthew 22:21, Jesus says, “Therefore, render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.” Jesus’ statement indicates that there are two different realms of influence or responsibility in our world: one for the government, and one for the church. In other words, there are certain areas of responsibility that are assigned to the government, and other areas of responsibility that are assigned to the church

The Bible then sets forth those areas of responsibility that are assigned to government in passages such as Romans 13:1-7 and 1 Peter 2:13-14. According to these verses, God institutes government; therefore, it is a necessary and good thing. These verses also show that government exists for two basic purposes: 1) to punish bad conduct; and 2) to reward good conduct (conduct that promotes the general welfare and contributes to the good of society). The role of government is, therefore, very limited and narrow. Every other area of responsibility is assigned to the church.

We should also recognize that every incremental increase of government intrusion into our lives is an incremental loss of some measure of our liberty.

I believe this understanding is very important. Our first and foremost responsibility is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. God has established His church as the means through which this goal is accomplished. Therefore, government should not function in a way to supplant or take away those areas of responsibility that God intends to be reserved for His church. In other words, government should not be set up to receive the glory intended for God, and people should not look to the government for their provision, their dependence or their joy. Again, the role of government is very targeted – punish bad conduct and reward good conduct.

To quote Wayne Grudem:

Good governments help people to live a peaceful and godly life, and bad governments hinder that. Governments can allow churches to meet freely and evangelize or they can prevent these things by force of law (as in Saudi Arabia and North Korea). They can hinder or promote literacy. They can stop murderers and thieves and drunk drivers and child predators or allow them to terrorize society and destroy lives. They can promote and protect marriages or hinder and even destroy them. Governments do make a significant difference for the work of God in the world, and we are to pray and work for good governments around the world.


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