COVID-19 April 29 Update

We must continue to be careful

  • The most important message the Department of Health (DOH) has been trying to communicate is that we must not get into a situation where our need for critical supplies like ventilators and ICU beds exceeds our supply.
  • As we understand it, the main statistic the DOH watches to make sure this doesn’t happen is the number of cases requiring hospitalization. As long as the number of cases requiring hospitalization is on the rise or is at a critical level, then the DOH is concerned about our need exceeding our supply.
  • As we understand it, this was the main factor in deciding to implement a shelter-in-place order.
  • So, people ask how long will we be under the shelter-in-place order? The answer is as long as the number of cases requiring hospitalization is on the rise.
  • Last week, we reported that the good news was that the number hospitalizations appeared to be decreasing.
  • This was one of the main factors the DOH used in deciding to “loosen up” the shelter-in-place order and allowing some activities to resume, such as allowing businesses to re-open.
  • So, if we want to put the shelter-in-place order behind us, we must work hard to decrease our hospitalizations.
  • Well, unfortunately, we had a slight uptick in our hospitalizations over the last couple of days. This is not good.
  • I am concerned that if this trend continues, then the DOH and the Governor might decide to extend the shelter-in-place order or, worse, may decide to implement a more stringent order.
  • I do not want to see us go back there again. I do not want the shelter-in-place order extended. I want us to get back to normal as quickly as possible.
  • So, if we want to put the shelter-in-place order behind us, then we must work to decrease the number of hospitalizations.
  • In order to do that, we must be vigilant to abide by the CDC recommendations on hand washing and social distancing and avoiding large crowds.
  • Please do not get casual. Please do not relax. Please continue to abide by the guidelines, and hopefully, we will put the shelter-in-place order behind us and get back to normal more quickly.

Update on number of cases.

  • 227 new cases reported yesterday.
  • Total cases statewide now number 6,569.
  • Unfortunately, we now have 250 deaths.
  • The good news is that the number of people who are receiving critical care treatment such as ventilators and ICU beds is dropping.

Call if you need help.

  • We have had phone calls to our office forwarded to our staff. If you need any help at all, please call us at 601-359-3300.
  • We have also set up an email address for you to ask questions or seek help. That address is [email protected].

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