COVID-19 May 6 Update

The Legislature Reconvenes Thursday

  • As you may have heard by now, the Lt. Gov. and I have made the decision that the Legislature will reconvene to address many issues that we believe need to be addressed.
  • I want to first assure you that we are doing so in a safe manner being cognizant of social distancing and safe practices.
  • One of the top issues we want to address is providing help for our small businesses. My staff and many of our members have already put together ideas to make this happen, so I am eager to get to work on this.
  • This is not the only area that we will be addressing, however.
  • This pandemic has created issues for a whole host of people in our state, including our education system and hospitals and prisons and colleges and cities and counties and casinos and even our elections.
  • We are coming back to address all those situations.
  • Let me ask you to help us. If you have ideas on how to address one of these areas, please let us know. As we’ve said, we are the people’s voice in this process, and we want the people’s input.

Update on number of cases.

  • 215 new cases reported yesterday.
  • Total cases statewide now number 8,422, but keep in mind that the last numbers I saw show that about half of these have recovered, so the number of active cases should be about half of that number.
  • Unfortunately, we now have 374 deaths.

Call if you need help.

  • We have had phone calls to our office forwarded to our staff. If you need any help at all, please call us at 601-359-3300.
  • We have also set up an email address for you to ask questions or seek help. That address is [email protected].

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