Current Covid-19 Testing Locations

Below is a revised list of testing facilities compiled from information provided by the local EMAs. 

Please note that some are “verified” and some are “not verified” – I’m told the Department of Health (DOH) is trying to verify these as testing facilities. The “verified” are providing testing and the “not verified” are facilities that the local EMAs have said will be testing facilities but which the DOH has not been able to verify because they are not open this weekend.  

PLEASE NOTE THIS CORRECTION FROM YESTERDAY – the local EMA in Clarke County represented the H.C. Watkins Hospital in Clarke County as a testing facility.  Upon further investigation, the DOH discovered HC WATKINS HOSPITAL IS NOT a testing facility.  

We will update this list once the verifications are complete.  In the meantime, you should use the phone number listed with each facility to make an appointment for testing. 

CountyLocationContact InfoNotes
AttalaTrace Urgent Care662 – 289 – 9155Not verified
ForrestForrest General Hospital/Hattiesburg Clinic(601) 261-1533Verified
NeshobaNeshoba General Hospital(601) 663-1200Verified
HindsSt. Dominic / MEA Old Canton Rd(601) 957-3333Verified
LeeMed Plus Urgent Care(662) 841-0002Verified
ItawambaMed Plus Urgent Care(662) 269-8000Verified
HarrisonGulfport Memorial Verified
WashingtonDelta Regional Verified
HindsUMMC / FairgroundsTBDPlanned 3/24
AlcornMagnolia Medical Center Not Verified
CoahomaTBD877-978-6453Verified/Variable dates
Adams    TBD877-978-6453Verified/Variable dates
HarrisonTBD877-978-6453Verified/Variable dates
LeFloreTBD877-978-6453Verified/Variable dates
Pearl RiverTBD877-978-6453Verified/Variable dates
WarrenTBD877-978-6453Verified/Variable dates

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