The House has tirelessly fought to encourage a conversation with the Senate to address the issue of Mississippi’s ailing roads and bridges. It’s more than just a desire to have a conversation; we have a responsibility to do something. We’ve presented three different proposals, adjusting the plan each time to fit the Senate’s concerns. Our attempts have fallen on deaf ears. The snapshot of our conference report on the bond bill below clarifies that there is no new tax. There is NO NEW TAX. We proposed that any voluntary internet tax that is collected OVER the roughly $50 million already being collected go toward roads and bridges. The majority of my members would not have voted for a new tax. Please show me how this is a new tax. I have seen nothing to justify that.

Additionally, the House unanimously voted yesterday to recommit the MDOT Appropriations bill. Maintaining our roads & bridges is a fundamental role of government that House members are passionate about supporting. We have budgeted for a 90-day session and have already saved six of those. Having a Special Session to address MDOT and the roads and bridges issue will not cost the State much more money. Furthermore, any cost incurred is well worth it to have the discussion on how to begin repairing our roads and bridges, which will cost even more if we continue to neglect them.




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