MS House of Representatives Continues Push for Road and Bridge Funding


MS House of Representatives Continues to Push for Road and Bridge Funding

 Jackson, MS—Today, the Mississippi House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 2939 with language devoted to repairing Mississippi’s roads and bridges. The bill passed by a vote of 109-7.

 “I’m proud of the House for once again stepping up to provide a solution to the needs of our roads and bridges in Mississippi,” said Speaker of the House Philip Gunn. “The House has demonstrated it is serious about beginning to address the need this year.”

The House proposal outlines:

  • $50 million in bonds: $25 million to counties, and $25 million to cities for bridge repairs.
  • Allocating the use tax Mississippi is already receiving through voluntary payments on out-of-state purchases by Mississippi residents: 50% to MDOT if they internally reallocate $25 million in their existing budget to prioritize road and bridge repair, 25% to counties and 25% to cities for road and bridge improvements.
  • That if federal law changes, allowing for the collection of use tax from out-of-state sellers, Mississippi will spend up to $200 million of that money on road and bridge improvements.
  • When our state general fund revenue grows more than 2% in one year, 50% of those dollars beyond the 2% growth (up to a max of $100 million) will be devoted to road and bridge improvement under the same formula.


This entire package is estimated to spend between $150 and $175 million on roads and bridges beginning this July.



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